Today! Right now!

“He could awaken people’s… sense of who they were… and their own passions, it’s very, it’s even hard to listen to that record, there’s so much longing in it, you know, there is so much… euhm… you know there’s so much … I don’t know … I don’t know what it is … it’s just … there is there is a deep yearning for a for a … a connection to the source, that’s there, and you feel … like doing something that you never do, when you listen to music like that, it’s like: why do I live in this track? why do I, you know, wake up at the same time every morning? why why am I a creature of heaven? … you know what I mean? go do something else! today! right now!”

(Matt Johnson, Jeff Buckley’s drummer van 1993 tot 1996, in: Everbody here wants you.- BBC4 docu 2002, online, van 41.12 tot 41.55)


Een gedachte over “Today! Right now!

  1. jan jacquemyn zegt:

    Als je me niet liefhebt, wil je me dan laten gaan, wil je me de weg wijzen naar een nieuwe als je me niet liefhebt, wil je me dan laten gaan, wil je me de weg wijzen … ?

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